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Free SEO tools provide an efficient backlink checker tool for checking the number of  backlinks your website does have, and this process is quite easy and fast. You just enter the URL of the website in backlink checker and find out. The list includes all your backlinks from various website’s and its efficiency. A backlink is an essential need of a website which it drives more traffic as well as a reputation for your site. So check whether your website has any backlinks from other sites  by using the backlink checker tool.

Free SEO tools provide you the finest tool ever made for checking the backlinks of a website. Backlink checker is 100% free of cost and it is easy to use. A backlink Checker is one of the most important SEO tools for a website admin for checking backlinks. Backlinks will help increases the visitors to your website. You can check the backlinks of any website over the internet, which includes your competitors or clients.