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About Dmoz Listing Checker

Dmoz listing checker tool is used for checking whether your website is listed in any category of Dmoz. Dmoz is an open directory project also known as ODP. Dmoz listing checker has a very simple design, so the only thing you have to do is entering a URL of a web page into Dmoz listing checker. It will provide you a report which indicates the status of your given website in Dmoz directory.  Dmoz is a human built directory by AOL, the websites included in Dmoz directory must be certified as the most trusted websites from all search engines. The submission process in Dmoz is free and simple.

Dmoz listing checker might check whether your website is included or not in any category.Free SEO tools providing you the best tool ever found on the internet for checking the Dmoz directory, we are providing the Dmoz listing checker for free and also the Dmoz listing checker will produce 99.9% accurate results. When looking back the history, the error rate is 0%.