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Link Analyzer Tool is used to find out how many links that your site does have. It will accumulate the details which include both internal and external links plus how many nofollow links and dofollow links as well. Link analyzer will produce you a complete report of the links and it's details. It will list all the nofollow and dofollow links separately in two tables. External links are the links which is generated from your website and leads to any other sites. These links may be dofollow links profitable for the destination sites. Link analyzer will shortlist all the links which also shows the URL and accurate address of that website.

Link analyzer Tool will be useful for finding any website’s link reports, when you check any website’s errors there you can use this tool for preparing a detailed report for your client. Link analyzer is an important tool for the purpose of SEO, Link Analyzer Tool by Free SEO Tools will be very useful for every bloggers and business website’s too.