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About Link Price Calculator

Link price calculator is a tool used for estimating the value of a link over the internet. Link price calculator will check your website’s links popularity and money value over the internet which will be useful for you to fix certain money value for that page when an advertisement comes. Link price calculator is the most versatile tool over the internet to find the value of a page or a link. Free SEO tool provides the link price calculator for our users with a 100% accuracy and speed with zero charges. In link price calculator, you can check 100 links at a time by inserting links in separate lines but not more than 100. Then it’s a click away to find out the links value. You can check any website’s link for finding its money value and compare it with others.

When you insert URL of a website in link price calculator then it will produce a report which includes the domain name and its current market value which is calculated by checking all the links, number of pages, advertisements, keywords and page rank as well as Alexa ranking too. Link Price Calculator by Free SEO tools will help if  you are selling the website to someone, then the link price calculator will be the only tool which produces an accurate and correct money value for your website.