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Mozrank checker tool is for finding the link popularity score of a website. Mozrank reflects the importance of a website or web page over the internet. Mozrank score will reflect the relevance of that particular web page on the internet. In Mozrank checker, you just enter the URL of a website or a web page then it will produce a report which includes rank, page authority score and domain authority score. The ranking system is between 0 and 10, where 0 is the lower rank and 10 is the top. The normal Mozrank will be 3. It is easy to shift from 3 to the 4th rank, but it is not easy to shift from 8 to 9, its all based on the popularity of that particular web page in the internet.

Mozrank checker is simpler and accurate in its results. Mozrank checker is used by many users and you can search your websites Mozrank to find out how popularity your website. Improving the Mozrank is based on the links attached to that site. And also few links from very popular websites will make a difference than a lot of links from semi-popular websites. Free SEO tools providing Mozrank checker tool for free and guarantee a 100% accurate results.