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Page size checker tool is used for checking a website’s page size in bytes. It is important that your website must be under 500 kb size because it is an optimized size for a website. Page size checker will tell you the exact size of your website’s homepage. When your home page size exceeds a certain limit then the resource usage of your website will be higher. Your hosting provider will have a certain resource usage limit, if you cross that limit then they will suspend your website until you reduce the page size of your website and also the loading time of the page will be high.

Page size checker will help you to know the page size of your website and help you to stay away from the problems. Free SEO tools provide the page size checker tool for free of charges and guarantee an accurate output all the time. Page size checker is an important SEO tool, if your website’s page size is so high then it is a negative SEO for your site. Google will remove sites from its search results if they cross the page size.