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If you want to know the time taken for loading your web page then start typing your website’s URL or a web page’s URL in page speed checker tool provided by Free SEO tools. Page speed checker is simpler in design and a convenient tool for the purpose. You just have to type the URL and find out the page’s size, if the size exceeds a limit such as 500kb then it is difficult to load the page as fast as you think, so better keep your page size under 500kb. Page speed checker can be used for check any website’s page speed either your client’s website or competitors' website.

Free SEO tools provide the page speed checker tool for free to help developers to reduce the time taken for loading page by giving the detailed report which includes total time was taken and individual time for each CSS links, script links, and image links. Page speed checker produces a 100% accurate results with 0% error status. This tool has been used by many users online for checking their website’s speed.