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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is a tool to check whether your website content is duplicated by any other websites or vice versa. Free SEO tools provide you the best plagiarism checker tool designed over the internet. Free SEO tools designed the plagiarism checker tool for maximum output with minimum efforts.  You can check all your articles one by one by pasting it into the plagiarism checker and make sure that your site’s content has not similarity to any other site’s content.

Content duplicity will results in irrecoverable problems from search engine side, if someone report against a content of your website to search engines they will first examine the two contents along with the publishing dates and if they found certain percentage of similarity in words and phrases, then your website will be removed from the search engine results only for that particular result.

Check with the plagiarism checker before you are going to publish an article. Plagiarism tool will be a great relief for all content writers who worried about the after effects and it bless you with a good sleep means don’t worry about the contents anymore.