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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker is a brand new tool for the quick diagnostic test on your website for server status. Server status checker does checks as the same way as the bot does. You just enter the domain name and find out your server status in seconds, then it produces a report which may tabulate the details such as HTTP code, response time and status. Server status checker tool will be an essential tool to check your website is either online or offline, because a weak server will put down all your business to a total loss. Your Website ranking will go down if it is offline whenever bot comes to crawling.

Server status checker  by Free SEO Tools will produce a detailed report which includes the HTTP status may represent as a number or a code. Server status checker HTTP code 200 represents the webpage appears as expected without any errors, 301 says the site is permanently moved and redirected to another website’s URL that is not OK,  302 says that the site is temporarily moved and redirected to another webpage. 400 say that it’s a bad request because the server can’t take the request because of bad syntax.