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Free SEO tool presents you the best URL encoder/decoder tool ever found on the internet. URL encoder/decoder is an online tool for either encoding or decoding a string of text in URL. In URL encoder/decoder, you just have to type your text which is to be either encoded or decoded and  it will produce your encoded/decoded text. URL encoder will make a sequence of bytes from a character string by using UFT-8 encoding. URL rewriter will convert only a certain part of URL and not the full URL and replace that part with “%” and other encoding character followed by two hexadecimal digits.

The URL encoder/decoder use two types of characters, they are reserved characters and unreserved characters. The encoding process is not limited for URL’s only, it is used for other content also. Free SEO Tools providing this URL encoder/decoder for free of charges and guarantee a 100% accurate results. Many users were used URL encoder/decoder tool for their encoding purpose to improve their website security level.