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Whois checker is used for finding a website’s details over the internet. Whois checker can extract details such as registrar URL, registrar Domain ID, Domain creation date, Domain expiry date, hosting service, nameserver details etc. You just have to insert the URL in the text box and find out the WHOIS data of a website. Whois checker will help you for getting any website’s details including the web site’s owner name, address and phone number,etc.. These are the information’s usually people don’t want to publish in public, but Whois checker tool will extract that details for you.

If you want to contact the admin for a particular domain you can get the contact details using whois checker tool and also it is used to find the age of a domain by checking the domain creation date. Free SEO Tools is providing the Whois checker tool for free to get all information’s related to the particular domain. Whois checker is very simple to use and it provides accurate results.